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Corporate Legal

At Litigation Readiness Group our primary clients are leaders of corporate legal departments who want to get more control of their legal expenses and the decision making for their legal matters. We provide our clients the information they need to make informed decisions and balance their risks and costs. When you call, ask about our fixed-rate service contracts.

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Law Firms

Law Firm clients represent a key part of our business. We provide our firms independent third-party services for digital forensics and hosting. We provide dozens of choices for your attorney review platform so you are not bound to a single solution for all matters. Our experts will work with your partners and associates to help you get the most from whichever attorney review platform you select for your matter.

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Digital Forensics

We provide the very best digital forensics for everything from computers, mobile devices like phones and tablets as well as websites and nearly every form of social media. If you must know, then there is no better method than digital forensics. We can recover deleted data, decrypt locked files and provide a full report of every text message sent or received from a mobile phone.

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